Mountain Top Muddlers muddling is the ultimate expression of a fruit-enhanced cocktail
Mountain Top Muddlers muddling is the ultimate expression of a fruit-enhanced cocktail
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Our muddlers meet at the intersect of craftsmanship and wood’s natural beauty. This elegant combination is complimented by our selection of a wide range of truly exotic woods. And unlike many of the small and inadequate mass produced muddlers available today, every Mountain Top Muddler is robust yet perfectly balanced with an average length of almost 12 inches. While the origin and grain structure of the wood may lead to slight color variations, you can be assured that each Mountain Top Muddler is crafted and finished with the same care and attention to detail.
If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for below, send us a request , and we would be happy to help you find your perfect wood.

*NEW* We are also pleased to offer custom laser engraving on your muddler. For the ultimate personalized gift, send us a request with the details.


Featured Muddler

Quad muddler

In an effort to continually bring you the finest exotic wood muddlers known to mankind, MTM has acquired three pieces of Snakewood. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in obtaining one of our greatest masterpieces to date.

Common Names: Snakewood, Letterwood, Polo Do Oro
Sourced from: South America
Characteristics: There is no mistaking the striking beauty of this ultra rare specimen. One look at the highly pronounced snake-like grain structure will validate the wood’s ranking as one of the world’s most expensive pieces. And one touch of the luxuriously smooth finish will confirm the wood’s status as one of the world’s heaviest and most exotic species. This muddler will instantly become the most enviable item of any bar.

Price: $160 per muddler
*includes shipping
Zebrawood Canarywood Padauk





Ebony Kingwood


Zebrawood muddler

Common Names: Zebrawood, zebrano
Sourced from: Gabon and Cameroon
Characteristics: Exotic yet elegant, its trademark stripes really make this muddler stand out from the crowd. Ideally suited for the adventurist not willing to compromise beverage quality while on safari, as well as the collector looking for the perfect conversation piece.

Price: $40 per muddler
*includes shipping

Canarywood muddler

Common Names: Canarywood, Tulip Poplar, Saddletree
Sourced from: South America
Characteristics: Ranging from brownish orange to bright yellow, the strength and durability of this wood culminate in a stunning glossy finish. Acclaimed for its acoustical properties, canarywood can be found adorning numerous musical instruments. Become a true cocktail maestro when you use this masterpiece to make music in a glass.

Price: $40 per muddler
*includes shipping

Padauk muddler

Common Names: African padauk, African coralwood
Sourced from: Nigeria, Cameroon and the Congo
Characteristics: A vivid red color has made this wood a prized commodity for many decorative applications. Its interlocked grain structure, strength and hardness provide the perfect foundation for a durable muddler. Brilliant, but not overstated, this is the perfect muddler for everyday use.

Price: $40 per muddler
*includes shipping

Purpleheart muddler

Common Names: Purpleheart, amaranth, violetwood
Sourced from: Central and South America
Characteristics: Experience the vibrant end of nature’s color palette with the magnificent, but naturally intense, wood that is purpleheart. Its bright violet hues are unmistakable, and over time, oxidation in the wood leads to a richer, deeper purple. The perfect muddler for someone who truly appreciates the natural beauty and uniqueness of wood.

Price: $40 per muddler
*includes shipping
Leopardwood muddler

Common Names: Leopardwood, lacewood, silky-oak, grevillea, kawilia
Sourced from: Eastern Australia
Characteristics: The sleek grain structure evokes a sense of refined power. Sourced from coffee and tea plantations,
the pinkish brown wood has a lustrous finish, making it ideal for ornamental applications. Unleash a natural predator the
next time you muddle.

Price: $45 per muddler
*includes shipping
Olive muddler

Common Names: Olive, olivewood
Sourced from: Mediterranean countries, the US, East Africa, South Africa
Characteristics: Transport yourself to the rolling hills of Tuscany every time you grip your olive wood muddler. Its neutral tones, beautiful grains, and fine density have made this a very sought after wood in culinary applications for centuries. A faint olive aroma lends this muddler perfectly to herb flavored cocktails.

Price: $55 per muddler
*includes shipping
Cocobolo muddler

Common Names: Cocobolo, granadillo, palo negro
Sourced from: Central America and Mexico
Characteristics: Rich browns, intense oranges, and even occasional yellows characterize this exotic specimen. A joy to work with and a perfect finish make cocobolo a true woodcrafter’s dream. Simultaneously, beautiful grains and a perfectly balanced weight will undoubtedly make this muddler an instant classic.

Price: $55 per muddler
*includes shipping
Ebony muddler

Common Names: African ebony, Gabon ebony
Sourced from: Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Congo
Characteristics: One of the rarest and most beautiful woods in the world. The intense hardness presents a challenge for even the most skilled craftsman. Often complemented by elegant white streaks, but renowned for its jet black finish, ebony is the clear choice when only the finest will do.

Price: $65 per muddler
*includes shipping
Kingwood muddler

Common Names: Kingwood
Sourced from: Brazil
Characteristics: Beloved by self-indulgent French kings of years past for its opulent appearance and finish, this is a true monarch among woods. Often referred to as Violet Wood for its intense violet to black streaks, this Brazilian wood is definitely fit for royalty.

Price: $60 per muddler
*includes shipping



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